Anonymity For All Of Us…Including The National Security Community

07 Jun

Or maybe none of us truth be told. In a move probably designed to appear to protect us all, Abraxas has aquired Anonymizer. Now you can browse the web with TOTAL confidence that the company that owns Anonymizer also services the CIA, NSA, FBI etc…nothing to see here sir, just move along!

Who is Abraxas?

Abraxas develops special technology and implements trusted unique technical solutions to address the global challenges faced by the National Security community today and those that it will face in the future. Abraxas employs recognized experts to resolve those challenges and skilled engineers to address the product needs working across all technology domains to ensure the delivery of the most advanced comprehensive solutions.

Abraxas has the largest aggregate of analytical counter-terrorism capabilities, outside of the U.S. Government, and is foremost among competitors in intelligence experience.

Anonymizer sells “anti-tracking” software, providing solutions that allow anonymous web browsing through proxy servers, email protection, secure file shredders and more:

Which Anonymizer software is right for you?
New Internet scams are born everyday so it’s critical to protect your identity and personal information on the Web. Anonymizer solutions empower you to control the amount of personal information that you share when visiting Web sites, sending emails, chatting, or posting to message boards. Not sure which one is best for you? Use the handy
chart to find the solution to meet your specific needs.

 To be perfectly honest, I never had a need for Anonymizer services, and always wondered who could possibly be that paranoid. However, all became clearer to me when I did find this story of a “former” Anonymizer (**NOTE** Please note comment from Lance Cottrell, Chief Scientist of below) client; I say “former” because the client is now in jail. After reading the story it appears that Anonymizer wasn’t so anonymous after all. 


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2 responses to “Anonymity For All Of Us…Including The National Security Community

  1. Lance Cottrell

    June 9, 2008 at 7:04 AM

    I would like to address a few points here. First off, if you do some more research you will find that the story you link to is about someone compromised by “an anonymizer” not “the anonymizer”. The author of the story is simply misusing our trademark and treating it as a generic term. We have never had a customer so compromised.

    Second, privacy services are always a matter of trust. If we were ever to compromise that, our business would be all over. We are adding support for many other types of users, but will never compromise the security of our consumer users. I started this company out of a passion about privacy and free speech. I started out writing open source privacy software, and continue to be active in providing free privacy services for human rights applications.

    Lance Cottrell
    Founder & Chief Scientist of Anonymizer

  2. wbdno

    June 9, 2008 at 7:55 AM


    The story I linked to did state: “To download the online picture, he used the…”, if this is in error, and indeed NOT “” specifically as you state, I appologize for the error and will note your response in the story body.



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