Left Brain | Right Brain, Unable to Communicate, Microsoft Wants to Patent Arbitrator

09 Jun

 Microsoft filed a patent application 20,080,134,132 last week, describing a method of “Developing Software Components Based on Brain Lateralization.”

“A software design process includes three elements—an object/component driven element, a situation/scenario driven element, and an arbitrator/communicator element that is logically interposed and serves as an intermediary between the object/component driven and the situation/scenario driven elements. Through an iterative communication process overseen by the arbitrator/communicator, software design can take place and be measured against a metric. The communication process overseen and implemented by the arbitrator/communicator can allow ideas and developments provided by one element to be translated into a format that the other element understands. Once the metric has been achieved, the design process can be terminated.”

But before you get too impressed, or worried for that matter, that Microsoft will be delving into the depths of your brain (what does a BSOD look like if it’s caused by our brains?), arstechnica has this to say:

“…describe(s) a “lateral brain” approach to software development. On the one hand, we have the engineers and developers, all of whom are apparently left-brained people. On the right hand, we have a company’s end users, the vast majority of whom are apparently right-brained people. Since these two groups are apparently incapable of communicating with each other, we need a team of people capable of talking to both sides. “

Apparently the patent application looks weak, but if ever there was a need to get the left | right brain people communicating, this is it!

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