I’m Just Sayin’ – June 14, 2008

14 Jun

  • Radical Islamic fundamentalists want to take us back 2000 yearsradical Christian fundamentalists only 600 years…neither is desirable.
  • What’s more alarming: That a broadcast flag was set so that American Gladiators couldn’t be recorded…or that ANYONE even noticed?
  • I reserve the right to change my opinion on anything, at anytimebased on the current state of the facts. Did you hear that Mr. President? Uh, Mr. President…Oh, never mind…
  • In the short term; solar power will rule…in the mid term; nuclear…in the long term; we WILL still be here, won’t we?
  • Homeopathy is a system of medicine(!?!), notable for its practice of prescribing water-based solutions that do not contain chemically active ingredients…did the fact that it’s WATER and doesn’t contain active ingredients slip by anyone?  
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