ENOUGH Of This Crapware Already!

16 Jun

 Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) has inked a deal to expand distribution of its Web search services on personal computers via a pact with software-packaging firm Acresso Software, the companies said on Thursday.

Really Yahoo! ?!? So now we are going to be at the mercy of the 71,000 programmers who use Installshield to distribute their software now forcing the Yahoo! toolbar down our throats? Just a thought for the programmers; “Don’t do IT!”

I have had enough of this crapware I don’t choose, piggybacking on applications I choose to install! It’s bad enough that Adobe packages Goggles’ toolbar with their downloaded applications, then Apple has some incessant need to force its’ own browser, Safari, on me each time I download the seemingly monthly updates to iTunes, and now Yahoo! tries to pry its way onto upwards of 500 million computers.

The deal is designed to keep Yahoo from losing share in the competitive Web search market. Yahoo makes most of its money running ads alongside Web search and other services it offers.

Rival Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) the dominant Web search provider, has struck a succession of similar distribution deals for its own toolbar with partners ranging from software maker Adobe Systems (NASDAQ: ADBE) to PC maker Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) to social network MySpace.

Here’s an idea; if I want the Yahoo! toolbar I’ll download it on my own. Same for Google, same for Safari…how complicated is this?

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