How Did The Computing World Miss This One?

27 Jun

I was amazed to find that this computer “story” somehow slipped by the media. A quick Google search revealed nothing other than direct retail links to the company Canada Computers, who manufactures the system that is the subject of this story.

Be Innovative

The latest in our line of ready-to-go systems, the Visionary I6050 packs more than just power. Explore your ideas like never before with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor E6550, giving you more performance so your PC can keep up with your creative mind.” ~ Ad via PC Magazine, December 25, 2007

*Intel is not responsible for and has not verified any statements or computer system product specific claims contained herein.

So it was with bated breath and sweaty palms that I sat down to read the spec sheet for this “innovative” Visionary I6050. Would it have some level of quantum computing capabilities? Perhaps a processor that uses  quantum entanglement for bit flipping?

Nope. It seems only to have a rather pedestrian 2.33 Ghz E6550 Intel Core 2 Duo.

Well then perhaps the hard drive deals with some new “micro blackhole” technology, enabling infinite storage with infinite density, all packed in to a really really tight space as well?

I’m afraid not. Just a fairly standard 320GB hard drive is included in this “Visionary” box.

Maybe it’s the innovative and visionary styling that will inspire the “creative mind” beyond the fairly (yawn) boring look of some other systems such as the iMac or the HP Blackbird 002?

You be the judge…

Here we have the Visionary I6050: Stunning in both design and execution?

Visionary I6050 - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550, Intel GMA 3000 (Vista Aero support), 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 667, GigaLAN, 320GB HDD, 18X DVD-Writer

Here is the iMac 24″: Let’s be serious, don’t you think it’s getting a little bit long in the tooth? I mean really, they didn’t even bother to paint the darn thing.

And finally we have the HP Blackbird 002: Don’t even get me started on the “strange” and “confusing” design in the side panel. WTF? Glossy black paint? Exposed metal trim? Grills that glow with internal LED lighting? What’s the point? AND it’s named after an aircraft so old, it’s been retired!

Clearly Canada Computers has something here that is intangible, ethereal in fact. Something that won’t show up on a spec sheet and is clearly more than skin deep. I will have to put this on my “short” list of computers to watch in the future.

Here’s a note, however, to the marketing department of Canada Computers: If Intel feels the need to have a disclaimer listed immediately below your ad, it might be a clue that your claims are a little…”Visionary“? It’s just a thought…funny ad though!

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