Versionista: And Then Obama Said…

17 Jul

Versionista Obama Diff

Versionista Obama Diff

Ah, the deafening discourse of disunity in American democracy today drones on with a mind numbing rhythm. In a further attempt to “catch” politicians engaged in political hopscotch campaign activists are now using Versionista, a web-based diff utility that tracks changes in web sites on an hourly basis and automatically generates full reports with side-by-side comparisons of specified versions. Versionista hopes to help promote accountability by giving activists the ability to see when politicians have changed the language of their campaign promises and policy statements. 

The McCain campaign web site recently published a link to a Versionista comparison that shows changes to Obama’s web page about the Iraq war.

Although the McCain campaign is hoping to raise questions about Obama’s commitment to his position, close scrutiny of the changes turns up no smoking gun or anything else that is particularly interesting.

I for one am shocked!

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One response to “Versionista: And Then Obama Said…

  1. Doerr Number 51/2

    July 18, 2008 at 5:30 PM

    Why not if you can?
    Decided which presidential candidate you’re going to vote for yet? We can talk Sunday…


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