YouTube: And Then McCain Said…

18 Jul

It should be noted, I am not a flip-flop hag. On July 13th, I posted a series of statements from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger bemoaning the “flip-flop” dance that politicians seem to engage in routinely during “election season”. 

But I have a feeling that this year the electioneering is going to rapidly decline into a race of “he said, he said” quick quips and quotes showing the alleged hypocrisy of the “other” candidate.

Hey, speaking of hypocrisy:

The McCain campaign web site recently published a link to a Versionista comparison that shows changes to Obama’s web page about the Iraq war.

This is interesting news given the flawless “flip-flop-less” state of McCain’s history in government?

Damn those video records!

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Posted by on July 18, 2008 in Opinion, Political



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