I’m Just Sayin’ – August 2 2008

02 Aug

  • Most injuries are minor — scrapes, running into walls, tripping — although they’ll thoroughly rob you of faith in the human race...Actually, after reading this I’m already there! >>
  • I don’t think it’s negative,” McCain said at a news conference here. “I think we’re drawing the difference between us.”…Could somebody in the McCain camp please, please, PLEASE hand him a dictionary? Let’s see — “neg·a·tive”…  >>
  • Sixty-hour weeks and all-night shifts after summer festivals, weddings and parades – all with people who have to go…Have you ever taken the time to thank people like Brandon Gilbert of Honey Buckets? Thank you Brandon…you truly do have a crappy job and I for one appreciate your service! OMG! >>
  • It looks like my PBII (Personal Body Image Index), courtesy of Oprah, is 148…Why don’t we just cut-to-the-chase and agree that all women weigh 100 pounds? That way we can cut out the complicated number compliance game and everyone will feel great about themselves…Oh, and we’ll need to destroy every mirror in the world too! >>
  • Pollution, Internet, doping…Ah, the Olympics lead-up…Chinese officials last month implemented a drastic plan to combat Beijing’s persistent pollution problems, taking half of the city’s more than 3 million vehicles off the road, temporarily closing factories and chemical plants, and suspending all construction work…and STILL the air is less than healthy?!? >>
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