I’m Just Sayin’ – August 10, 2008

10 Aug

  • An eight became a perfect 10 in Beijing tonight“, the website of the Sydney Morning Herald declared…”The world may never witness a ceremony of the magnitude and ingenuity as that which opens the 2008 Olympics,” it said…and I agree. It was, in a word, spectacular! >>
  • Republicans saying they don’t believe in evolution outnumbered those who do by 68 percent to 30 percent in the survey. Democrats believe in evolution by 57 percent to 40 percent, as do independents by a 61 percent to 37 percent margin…68, 40, 37, and they are trying to run this country!?! How is this acceptable? >>
  • I had sex with that woman but she meant nothing to me.”…OUCH! That’s going to leave a mark, but the question that keeps popping into my mind: Mr. Edwards, are you talking about your wife (that woman) or Rielle Hunter (that woman) in that quote?  Because, quite honestly, it could be taken either way. >>
  • As the ad begins, the words “It should be known, that in 2008 the world shall be blessed. They will call him The One” flash across the screen. The Antichrist of the Left Behind books is a charismatic young political leader named Nicolae Carpathia who founds the One World religion (slogan: “We Are God”) and promises to heal the world after a time of deep division…Now this won’t offend anyone, will it!?!?! It’s crap like this that just makes me shake my head at the disingenuous nature of today’s politicians. >>
  • Yahoo has announced that they will begin giving their users the ability to opt-out of customized advertising on The feature will be added to Yahoo privacy center by the end of August…I am continually floored that these guys just don’t get it! If you set the default to opt-in, game over! No congressional worry, no consumer revolt, no EFF scrutiny…er…well OK, so the EFF will always be looking over “the man’s” shoulder I suppose…but that’s a good thing, right? >>
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