World Didn’t End Today, Devastation Date Moved To September 10th Instead

10 Aug

After what could only be called a hailstorm of worried activity the past few weeks over concerns, from some, that the wanton destruction of the planet was close at hand, CERN has announced that the first attempt to circulate the beam in the LHC will now be made on the 10th September. This news comes as the cool down phase of commissioning the accelerator reaches a successful conclusion.

The next phase is the synchronization of the LHC with the SPS accelerator, the last link in the LHC’s injector chain. A first synchronization test is scheduled for the 9th August, for the clockwise circulating beam, with the second to follow over the coming weeks.

Once stable circulating beams have been established in September they will be brought to collision, and the final step will be to commission the LHC’s acceleration system to boost the energy to 5 TeV, the target energy for 2008.

“We’re finishing a marathon with a sprint”, said LHC project leader Lyn Evans. “It’s been a long haul, and we’re all eager to get the LHC research programme underway.”

For more information, please see the recent press release from CERN here.

Now where did I put that damn to do list? Ah! One month left…

  1. Attend at least one major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the U.S. Open.
  2. Throw a huge party and invite every one of your friends…at least the ones that you trust.
  3. Swim with a dolphin, or a seal, or even an Orca.
  4. Skydive, or at the very least, jump off of a place higher than 6 feet.
  5. Have your portrait painted…by a five year old child.
  6. Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it…in it’s country of origin.
  7. Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the South of France…hell, anywhere will do for this one!
  8. Watch the launch of the space shuttle…but not on TV…and NOT on the Internet.
  9. Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty…and make sure one item is a powdered sugar doughnut from a genuine doughnut house.
  10. Be an extra in a film…and try to steal the scene.
  11. Tell someone the story of your life, sparing no details…oh you poor, poor person that’s going to have to listen to that!
  12. Make love on a forest floor…blanket!
  13. Make love on a train.
  14. Make love.
  15. Own a room with a view…or stay in one and pretend that it’s yours.
  16. Learn how to take a compliment…and appreciate the fact that you deserve it.
  17. Give your mother a dozen red roses and tell her you love her…and why.
  18. Put your name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle to the moon.
  19. Send a message in a bottle.
  20. Ride a camel into the desert…water!
  21. Get to know your neighbors…as long as they don’t creep you out.
  22. Plant a tree…but only in a legally designated area.
  23. Learn not to say yes when you really mean no…and while your at it, try not to say no so much.
  24. Write a fan letter to your all-time favorite hero or heroine.
  25. Visit the Senate and the House of Representatives to see how Congress really works…laughing at this one!
  26. Be the boss…of something significant and do it well.
  27. Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally…and let them know every day as if it’s the last chance you will ever get.
  28. Write the novel you know you have inside you…on second thought.
  29. Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe.
  30. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home (just once)…once? Make a habit of it until you can’t stand or talk or think…
  31. Be someone’s mentor.
  32. Shower in a waterfall…but remember to shower first!
  33. Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill.
  34. Teach someone illiterate to read.
  35. Write down your personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time.
  36. See a lunar eclipse.
  37. Get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it, instead of just thinking about it.
  38. Sing a great song in front of an audience.
  39. Make a complete and utter fool of yourself.
  40. Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful business suit…and do yourself a favor. Visit GQ and find out how to buy the right one. You’ll thank yourself, trust me!
  41. Write your own obituary…or for more kicks, have those close to you do it. Compare what you thought of yourself to what they see in you…and fix the inconsistencies.
  42. Sleep under the stars…in a dark dark place. Epic!
  43. Take a ride on the highest roller coaster in the country…and bring a vomit bag…just in case!
  44. Learn how to complain effectively — and do it! But don’t over do it!
  45. Spend a whole day reading a great novel.
  46. Forgive your parents.
  47. Learn to juggle with three balls.
  48. Find a job you love.
  49. Overcome your fear of failure.
  50. Donate money and put your name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park.
  51. Buy your own house and then spend time making it into exactly what you want.
  52. Grow a garden.
  53. Spend three months getting your body into optimum shape…it might be a good idea to do this after #9.
  54. Accept yourself for who you are. Your beautiful just as you are…for the most part.
  55. Learn to use a microphone and give a speech in public.
  56. Attend one really huge rock concert…but let’s be serious — earplugs are HIGHLY recommended.
  57. Be able to handle: your tax forms, Jehovah’s Witnesses, your banker, telephone solicitors.
  58. Give to a charity — anonymously…when you can least afford it.
  59. Go deep sea fishing and return your catch.
  60. Create your own web site.
  61. Make a hole-in-one.
  62. Ski a double-black diamond run.
  63. Look into your child’s eyes, see yourself, and smile…yipes! I better get to work on the making part…
  64. Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength.
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