I’m Just Sayin’ – August 24th, 2008

24 Aug

  • “I think that in their country, they are like prisoners and they want to feel free,” said Niki Pirovolaki, who works in a bakery on Malia’s main street and often encounters these addled Euro citizens heading back to their hotels — “if they can remember where they are staying,” she said…“They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit.” – Could this glowing endorsement be yet again of the beloved French tourists we all love…Ahem…and adore? >>
  • In February, the Florida Department of Education modified its standards to explicitly require, for the first time, the state’s public schools to teach evolution, calling it “the organizing principle of life science.”…Yes, you read that right…that’s February of THIS year, 2008…absolutely disheartening. >>
  • Among them was his description of Senator Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat, as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”…Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Biden is not a just a pompous, overbearing windbag…he’s a pompous, overbearing windbag who’s now the Vice Presidential running mate with Barack Obama. There will be more “Bidenisms”…You can bet on it! >>
  • Yet the question of what is natural is no less vexed than that of what is fair. What is natural about electric muscle stimulation? Or nibbling on nutrients that have been cooked up by chemists? Or sprinting in special shoes made of springy carbon fibre?Statistically speaking, today’s athletes are unlikely to be any more naturally gifted than their forebears, but records continue to fall. Nature is clearly getting a boost from somewhere. >>
  • These reforms would cost money, of course, but Mr. Balko and Dr. Koppl say they’re inexpensive compared with what governments end up spending in cases of wrongful convictions: the expenses of incarceration, of retrials and appeals, and of compensations to victims…how about the “expense” of a human life, whether taken by force, in the case of the death penalty, or by proxy as life imprisonment? Expense should not be a mitigating factor in determining the certitude of a conviction…cripes! >>
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