So Just How Cool Is Cuil Anyhow?

24 Aug

Internet search engine Cuil, which made its debut July 28th 2008 has since garnered such spectacular headlines such as:

So just how cool is Cuil anyhow? I decided to give Cuil the old vanity search and see what it brought up…after all; it is the world’s biggest search engine, according to the Cuil info page that is.

For this admittedly simple test I also included the ubiquitous Google, the relatively new Searchme, and lastly the newly designed Windows Live Search to get a feel for the group as a whole.  I also decided to add one other item of info to my name search, just to help narrow down the results, and used my blog name, WBDNO, which I appended to the end of my name.

The results are in… drum roll please…

Google, not surprisingly, listed my blog as the number one hit although it did offer the decidedly unhelpful hint of “Did you mean” with an incorrect spelling:

Did you mean: Christopher Doerr +wdbo  

Search Results

What’s Behind Doerr Number One

What’s Behind Doerr Number One. a blog of “indeterminate” content …. Posted by Christopher under Opinion, Special Interest, Uncategorized | Tags: – 61k –
Cached Similar pages


Windows Live returned this as the number one hit:

What’s Behind Doerr Number One · Cached page

What’s Behind Doerr Number One … Frantic and fun, Fat Princess pits two hordes of … Posted by Christopher under Science News | Tags: 6.6 degrees of …


Searchme returned this:

“Sorry, your search did not return any results” 


And finally, Cuil, the worlds “biggest” search engine returned this:

“No results were found for: Christopher Doerr wbdno”

If you’ve checked your spelling, you could try using fewer or different keywords to broaden your search.

Still no luck? Send us your feedback:


So Google and Microsoft win the search test for my vanity search and, at least for the time being, Searchme and Cuiljust aren’t cool enough to even bother with.



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3 responses to “So Just How Cool Is Cuil Anyhow?

  1. Tom

    August 25, 2008 at 10:05 AM

    I tested Cuil the day it came out, or rather the day after it came out, due to a huge crash on the first day. It is slowly getting better but still not impressing me yet. They have their work cut out for them. The husband wife team that created it are former Googlers and they seem a little bit cocky, which you’d have to be to take on this challenge.

    Searchme is neat idea but just isn’t powerful enough not to mention it pulls odd inconsistent and non-hierarchical data at times.

    But they will probably improve as they get more integrated.(assuming they keep at it) Also, I believe that most blogs like WordPress, Blogger are geared for Google’s engines. So they will have an advantage on that end.

    Try Yahoo search too. They pull accurate data and sometimes will even pull stuff that Google doesn’t show.

  2. alexandriak84

    August 26, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    so how does it feel to not exist on Searchme? How do you get out of bed every morning? It must be hard . . . ;-)

  3. Christopher

    August 27, 2008 at 5:25 AM

    It’s brutal, every day is a struggle, yet somehow I seem to pull through…

    Searchme doesn’t really surprise me, to be honest…it seems as if it’s built more for the “popular person” vanity searching.

    Cuil, however, claims to be the “biggest” search engine, having indexed 121,617,892,992 pages…there is no excuse, to put it bluntly, for a search engine “not” to find a multipoint referenced subject…it seems to me.


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