I’m Just Sayin’ – August 31st, 2008

31 Aug

  • A small rebellion is brewing against iTunes as [greedy] artists become disgruntled with the hit they’re taking on overall album sales thanks to the now-wildly-popular [OMG!] method of cherry-picking favorite tracks [imagine that?] for download. Apparently some artists feel [even Kid Rock] what’s missing is the artistic vision [money] realized only in the full-album experience…So if I could get some help here I’m gonna mount myself a posse and go looking for Kid Rock’s artistic vision…cause I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it…and to be perfectly honest, I don’t believe he really has one. >>
  • And here we go…This week Comcast, the cable and broadband giant removed the shroud of mystery covering its bandwidth limits: starting October 1, all users will be capped at 250GB of traffic per monthWonderful! Fabulous! Brilliant! Oh, bother…well, at least 250GB is somewhat reasonable>>
  • Busch was unrepentant, “We’ll go on and we’ll race him that way in the Chase if that’s the way he wants to race.” Edwards wasn’t backing down, either: “A real smart racer explained it to me this way after he wrecked me and I was real mad. He said, ‘I just had to look at your rear bumper and decide if you would do this to me, and you had, and so it was a real simple decision,'” Edwards said. “I’d do it again.”…and in a shocking moment of rare logic and clarity, NASCAR has suspended these two juvenile..Er…racers. >>
  • The pain from a stone fish’s sting is said to be so horrible that sufferers have begged…But that’s all the venom enhydrina needs to, well…By the way, it’s not a good way to go, either: their venom is a extremely powerful…They are the only animal in the world known to be able to kill a human by touch alonein seconds the agony of where the stinger struck has faded into a heavy numbness. A relief, perhaps, but then it spreads and moments later the paralysis…Other than those little caveats, for the most part, they are all quite cute! >>
  • Somehow I missed this election: Americans Elect Poodle As Obama’s Top Dog…No no, you read that right…You see, it seems the American Kennel Club® (AKC) announced that the public has elected a Poodle as their breed of choice for the Obama family…and this helps ANYONE in ANYWAY how? More interesting might  be what dogs the public would elect for Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark or President Tarja Halonen of Finland  >>
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  1. mxsive

    September 2, 2008 at 9:06 PM

    Uh… Rubbin’s Racin’


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