I’m Just Sayin’ – September 5th, 2008

05 Sep

  • We carefully examined the writing style and grammar of three recent e-mails claimed to have been sent by Jobs with three samples of his confirmed writing…and guess what they found? Guess! So is there anyone who’s really surprised that Jobs isn’t the author? Really? >>
  • “The actual settlement document shows that instead of cutting off heavy users of the service according to a specific amount of bandwidth used, Comcast instead cut off the top 1,000 users, regardless of how much they used,” Brodsky said….Yet one more reason Comcast needs congressional oversight>>
  • The new technique makes use of a physical change that occurs to metal when a person touches it. This is due to the salt in human sweat: ionic salt molecules present in the fingerprint residue corrode the metal surface to produce an image that can only be removed by abrasive cleaning of the metal…so go ahead and just say it, I know your thinking it! A JFK bullet examination perhaps? >>
  • Sen. John McCain gave his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential nominee Thursday night…and here is a look at the Utopian promises of what McCain said he would do, if elected…and he remembers>>
  • Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama called his acceptance speech on Thursday “the American Promise.”…and here is a look at his Utopian promises for change that he said, “We need right now.”…”right now” meaning before the election, of course, because after the election, he’ll be a little too busy to follow through…you know the drill>>

10. McCain Campaign to Go Heart-less? (WSJ)

9. Heart to Palin: Cut it Out (Seattle PI)

8. Rock group Heart says ‘Barracuda’ use is fishy (Reuters India)

7. Republicans Take Heart; HeartTakes It Back (E! Online)

6. Republicans Lack Heart! (TMZ)

5. Heart Break (

4. Nancy And Ann Wilson Don’t Have The Republicans At Heart (eFlux Media)

3. Heart Wants to Be Ripped Out of Republicans’ Campaign (eFlux Media)

2. Will McCain’s Heart Stop? (Slate)

1. HEART ATTACK MCCAIN! (National Enquirer)

  • Doesn’t this seem to happen every time we have an election anymore? Has anyone under these “leaders” considered getting permission before using an artist’s work publicly? Isn’t this all just a little embarrassing >>

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2 responses to “I’m Just Sayin’ – September 5th, 2008

  1. mxsive

    September 10, 2008 at 7:36 AM

    Comcast is sad. I know if they decide to send me a warning notice I would simply respond by cancelling all of my services with them right then and there. They obviously do not need my business.

    I think I saw them getting a fingerprint in this way on CSI the other day. Actually they stepped it up. They took the fragmented bullet, put it back together and then got the fingerprint. Shooters beware.

    I do not think you Heart is with McCain-Palin. You don’t seem to hide your preferences to the Obama camp. =) It is ok. McCain is a liberal and Obama is a socialist. Biden is most likely the most qualified of the 4 to be president though a staunch D.C. politician and we know what that gets us, and Palin would be the biggest change.

  2. Christopher

    September 10, 2008 at 7:48 AM

    Comcast: Comcast’s policy of banning a user for crossing over the 250GB limit twice is reprehensible!

    McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden: My heart is not made up yet either way…but am LEANING at the moment towards Obama/Biden. As always, subject to change given new information.


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