The CPU Of The Future? Alleged Intel i7-Mega Image Leaked

06 Sep


Intel i7_Mega

Intel i7_Mega

Companies tend to keep a fairly tight lid on their newest product lines, and Intel is no exception; updates tend to either be carefully controlled or “accidentally” leaked. Leaked information, official or not, always runs the risk of being wrong, but there’s a new image of the Intel i7-Mega making the rounds that certainly could be right, based on what we think we know about the CPU manufacturer’s plans. Keep in mind, however, that all updates are subject to legitimate change.

The new “i7-Mega” brand doesn’t seem to have a direct relationship to any previous part of Intel’s product line; Netburst, not Nehalem, was Intel’s seventh-generation architecture. Intel makes specific reference to i7-Mega products as quad-core parts with HyperThreading enabled, so it’s possible that we’ll see “i5” or “i3” parts early next year. What’s most interesting about the leaked photo of this chip though, is its enormous size.

Shown below, the chip appears to be about the same size as current 17 inch laptops. “We wanted to go in a completely different direction with this CPU,” stated an anonymous source not related to the company, “With this new CPU size you will get stunning realism on immersive multi-threaded games with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), particle systems, dynamic physics, and texture generation engines with four cores of pure performance….and all in a really, REALLY big chip. And you can get it done fast!”

The chip size alone has left some enthusiasts wondering if there won’t be problems. “There are problems,” he admits, “SERIOUS problems, specifically in the area of heat generation and power supply requirements. I mean, this is one freaky huge chip! We are looking at a requirement for a minimum spec 1.3 KW power supply, 1.1 KW of which is devoted to the CPU alone, and that means serious heat…and serious weight.”

Intel based its decision to retain the “Core” product line based on a mixture of brand recognition and positive association. “The Core name is and will be our flagship PC processor brand going forward,” said Sean Maloney, Intel Corporation executive vice president and general manager, Sales and Marketing Group. “Expect Intel to focus even more marketing resources around that name and the Core i7-Mega products starting now.”



Intel i7_Mega Spy Photo

Intel i7_Mega Spy Photo


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2 responses to “The CPU Of The Future? Alleged Intel i7-Mega Image Leaked

  1. mxsive

    September 10, 2008 at 7:22 AM

    It will be interesting to see what it will be able to do. We just heard yesterday from an HP rep that you will no longer be able to get the dual core processor for the server platform in the next year. The quad-core will be the bottom end and the 6-core will be more of the standard. There will also be an 8 and 12 core comming down the pipe. It is insane what they are doing.

  2. Random Troller

    October 9, 2008 at 9:14 AM

    Funny. Looks like I’m going need to buy a new computer case.


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