I’m Just Sayin’ – September 20, 2008

20 Sep

  • While representatives from the cell phone industry had not yet reviewed the latest study, they were careful not to give this study much merit. “The weight of the published scientific evidence, in addition to the opinion of global health organizations, shows that there is no link between wireless usage and adverse health effects,” said Joe Farren, a spokesman for the CTIA-the Wireless Association…still, after reading this you may just relocate that cell phone of yours to your shoes….or behind your shoulders…or maybe even leave it at home!  >>
  • Sticking to the loose topic of “whacking” things: “Shake-to-shuffle is a nightmare during parkour outings; switching off the much-needed French Hip Hop in favor of our knitting podcasts whenever jostled.”…so fret not, as you wander down your local street. Those people violently striking out at invisible demons are really just iPod-Nano lovers, shuffling their song lists. What a great way to humiliate your customers. >>
  • Since we’re here, lets continue the theme of jerking around: In a statement, Frank Gibeau, EA game label president, said the company was “disappointed” by the misunderstanding around its digital rights management software and that it would expand the installation limit from three machines to five. He added that EA is also expediting the development of a system that will allow customers to “deauthorize” computers and move the game to new machines, without the need to call the company…Ah, so it’s just a “misunderstanding” then, treating customers who purchase your software legally like criminals. Yet another great way to…oh, you know.  >>
  • If you build a browser in isolation, you don’t get the benefits and knowledge of the smart people who have come before you. Yes, Google’s browser is open source, like Firefox. But even Firefox came from Netscape, which had tons of background in the browser world, and Mozilla, too, has learned from a mistake or two. It is easy to call into question Google’s ability to build a safe browser given its rather poor track record in other areas of security…and no, you shouldn’t download it — not if you care about your security. Hell, I couldn’t even get it to uninstall from my system so I could install the latest “updated” version! Google should take a page from the cryptography crowd; you shouldn’t build a browser unless you really, really know what you’re doing. >>
  • David Pogue’s review of the new iPods and the new Zune. It’s almost like listening to early Zune pitches about focusing on a music device, not a mixed-use gadget. His conclusion: “In the music world, Apple and Microsoft have now completely switched roles. You buy Apple if you want to play it safe — and you buy Microsoft if you think different.”…until Apple moves iTunes to a subscription model, Microsoft will continue to gain market share. Mark my words>>
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2 responses to “I’m Just Sayin’ – September 20, 2008

  1. mrsgijoe

    September 20, 2008 at 9:42 PM

    I am a little confused with this version Christopher!!

  2. Aunt Deanna

    September 23, 2008 at 1:57 PM

    He’s trying to confuse us.


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