The God That Fails – David Brooks, NY Times

01 Jan

One can only hope that 2010 will yield a more thoughtful and reasoned approach to the understanding of life and liberty in this country and the world abroad, and a less reactionary and caustic response when the inevitable failures occur.

For better or worse, over the past 50 years we have concentrated authority in centralized agencies and reduced the role of decentralized citizen action. We’ve done this in many spheres of life. Maybe that’s wise, maybe it’s not. But we shouldn’t imagine that these centralized institutions are going to work perfectly or even well most of the time. It would be nice if we reacted to their inevitable failures not with rabid denunciation and cynicism, but with a little resiliency, an awareness that human systems fail and bad things will happen and we don’t have to lose our heads every time they do. –

Op-Ed Columnist David Brooks, New York Times
The God That Fails

You can read the full Op-Ed piece here.

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