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28 Jan


No Multi-tasking

Running iPhone OS 3.2 means that, at least for now, the iPad is shaping up to be a “one trick at a time” kind of pony. Of course, it’s entirely possible if not probable that Apple will correct this down the line in a forthcoming version of the iPhone OS — maybe even before the tablet ships — but as it currently stands the lack of multi-tasking could be a deal-breaker for some.

No Drag and Drop File Management

Another carryover from the iPhone ecosystem — and not a favorable one, in my humble opinion — is the requirement of syncing your iPad with another computer as the primary content management system for the device. Assuming it works the same way as your iPod or iPhone do now, you’ll only be able to associate your iPad with a single other device — and that’s a dealbreaker for a growing number of households that have media strewn across several computers, hard drives, network attached storage units, and beyond.

You’ll be downloading content from the web and through the iTunes content store directly from the device, of course, but what about that set of files just brought home from work, or that collection of videos I want to dredge out from an old backup drive. In order to get them over to the iPad I’d have to first dump them into iTunes, then perform a sync operation — instead of being able to simply drag and drop them over Wi-Fi or simply hook them in via USB Mass Storage (a great standard that’s been around forever!). There are third-party iPhone apps that allow file transfer via Wi-Fi, but how many steps are we needlessly adding to a process that was uncomplicated by USB Mass Storage years ago?

No USB Port
No SD Slot
No Flash
No 1080p Playback
No Native Widescreen
No Camera
No Full GPS
No Open SDK

Mashable’s Conclusion:

To be fair, it would have been almost impossible for the actual iPad device announced today to live up to the insanely hyped idea of an Apple Tablet that consumed the Internet’s attention in the weeks (if not months) leading up to today’s event. There are also many positives that are hard to deny about the iPad, not the least of which is its characteristically drop-dead gorgeous design aesthetic.

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