How Do You Keep Track Of Your Passwords?

13 Feb

Passwords are a critical security step in protecting our data – we use them for web access at e-commerce and online banking sites, or even file encryption processes used on our computers locally – and the quality of those password choices seem to correlate directly with a given methods ease-of-retrieval process. I.E. Strings of random characters – the best choice for passwords – are difficult to remember. As such, many users, especially those who don’t use password managers or write their passwords down, will default to easy-to-remember passwords, rendering the effectiveness of those digital keys to a minimal level at best.

These are the results of an ongoing SlashDot poll, with the majority (70%) of users [most of whom are likely technology savvy] choosing to store password by memory.

I am among the 17% who uses a password manager, like LastPass.

Results are current as of 2/13/2010.


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Posted by on February 13, 2010 in Computing, Digital Security, Technology


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