Porsche 918 Spyder Concept: Oh…man…

03 Mar

Well, I guess hybrids can look sexy and cool! Porsche took the wraps off a 2-seat mid-engine supercar on the eve of the Geneva Auto Show: the Concept Study Porsche 918 Spyder – a high-performance hybrid for the 21st century.


Porsche: The 500 hp V8/218 hp Electric Hybrid 918 Spyder Concept hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3.2 seconds, and it boasts a top speed of 320 km/h (198 mph). Not only that, according to Porsche, it laps the Nürburgring in less than 7:30 minutes, faster than the drool inducing Carrera GT.


Porsche says that, when driven accordingly [yes I’m laughing too], the plug-in hybrid 918 Spyder Concept gets an outstanding 78 mpg, with an emissions level of just 70 grams of C02 per kilometer.


There are four distinct driving modes are available. E Drive is solely electric power, with a range of up to 25 kilometers (16 miles). In Hybrid mode, electric power and gasoline power are used as conditions warrant, in ways designed to maximize economy or performance.


In Sport Hybrid mode, in which both drive systems maximize performance, most of the power goes rearward, aided by torque vectoring to help the car’s dynamics. Lastly, there’s Race Hybrid mode for maximum performance.


In this Race Hybrid mode, there’s even a “push to pass” E-Boost feature that feeds in added electrical power for overtaking.


The 918 Spyder’s modular chassis is made of CFP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic), while Porsche has also employed lots of magnesium and aluminum to keep the car’s weight down to a reasonably svelte 3285 lb.

Price? Unannounced of course: it’s a concept car! But with Carrera GT selling for upwards of $440,000, I wouldn’t expect it to be a bargain.


All images via Porsche.

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