The Nokia Lumia 920 Has Arrived–Review Round Up

18 Nov

The Nokia Lumia 920 began appearing in stores, online and in people’s pockets – including mine. Oh man I am giddy with glee!

Lumia 920 Intro–Nokia


The specs at a glance:

  • 8.7 megapixels PureView Camera sensor (main camera resolution), Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, Short pulse high power dual LED, 26mm focal length at f/2.0, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • 4.5 ”  Capacitive Multipoint-Touch IPS PureMotion HD+ display at 1280p by 768p with a pixel density of 332ppi
  • Snapdragon™ S4 Processor
  • 10.8 h Talk time (3G)
  • 460 h Standby time (3G)
  • 74 h Music playback time and Dolby Headphone sound equalization
  • Full specs can be found here.

I’ve had mine for two weeks now, so what do I think about this phone? In brief [you can see others reviews below]: freaking brilliant!

The camera, while not perfect, strikes a good balance as an “always with you” smartphone camera. The shots can be a bit soft in sharpness and the color saturation is muted but since I do all of my DSLR post processing in Lightroom it’s a snap to add some contrast and sharpness if needed.  But for sharing photos via messaging, email or Facebook they are more than sufficient. Added to that the impressive low light capabilities of the PureView technology and I find I am not wanting.

The Windows Phone 8 OS is an evolutionary upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 [Windows Phone 7.8 update notwithstanding].

"It’s sharp, colorful, clean, and simple, but also hip and a bit exuberant."

CNET, 11/2/12

"Rooms, Kids’ Corner and Lens apps make us feel like Microsoft is taking the lead, rather than following others."
LAPTOP, 10/29/12

"…live tiles are far enough removed from the static icons of iOS and the confusing widget farm that Android has become…"
UK Telegraph, 10/28/12

In my usage, the Nokia Lumia 920 paired with Windows Phone 8 OS has been smoother and far more refined than Windows Phone 7.5 on the Lumia 900, both of which I already loved. The multitasking now works with apps sent to the background [instead of pausing as in Windows Phone 7.5]

The display is awesome – bright, fast and remarkably clear; games and videos look fantastic. The phone has an overall quality build feel to it that is hard to explain. You only have to hold it in your hands and you’ll get it. By comparison, the HTC 8X just feels plastic and cheap. Call me crazy…

Below is a smattering of reviews from around the interwebs. The most commonly reported complaints center around app scarcity and the weight of the phone. I find the latter a bit humorous to say the least. At 185 grams the phone is no lightweight, with the iPhone 5 weighing in at 112 grams. But then a Timex watch doesn’t weigh in with the same heft and quality feel as an Omega or Rolex, now does it? Just sayin! Winking smile




Mat Smith, from Engadget, on the Nokia Lumia 920:

When comparing the camera on the Lumia 920 to other manufacturers, Mat said:

“We came in to these testing scenarios with exceedingly high expectations, and in the extremely low-light situations, where most phones fall flat on their face, the Lumia 920 indeed hit its stride. Yes, there was often some ISO noise to be seen and the results weren’t always spectacular, but the 920′s low-light shots were always the best of the bunch.”

And when it comes to taking videos and using the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature:

“Walking with the phone introduces minimal stutter – especially compared to what we’re used to on other smartphones, while autofocus is able to latch on to points of interest quickly. You’ll make the prettiest video clips you’ve ever seen on smartphone”


The Next Web

Matt Brian, from The Next Web, on the Nokia Lumia 920:

“Microsoft has done a great job at making Windows Phone relevant again, updating its core offering to match and in some cases offer more than rival platforms from Apple and Google.”


“Coming up against the HTC 8X, it’s close between the two, but the Nokia Lumia 920 edges out its HTC rival on imaging, ecosystem and its overall design.”

The Verge

The Verge, Dieter Bohn looks at the design and calls this phone a “tank”:

“You know that guy who walks into the coffee shop and unapologetically slams down a gigantic, 17-inch monster of a laptop on the table, declaring “This thing is a beast, but I don’t care.” That’s the Lumia 920. It’s a muscle car. It’s a monster truck.”

But then he explains why this is the case:

“There are ostensibly good reasons for the Lumia 920′s weight and size: a large battery, 4.5-inch screen, wireless charging, and PureView camera hardware all take up plenty of space.”



Matthew Miller from ZDNet on how the phone feels in the hand:

“There is definitely heft to the Lumia 920; it feels like a rock solid device.”

And when talking about the Windows Phone 8 OS, Matt says:

“Windows Phone 8 has addressed several weaknesses in Windows Phone 7/7.5 and the Lumia 920 looks to set the bar for features, functions, and apps on this new platform.


Stuart Miles of Pocket-lint has this to say about the specific Nokia apps, such as Nokia Maps:

“If it’s not the core OS features, it’s the Nokia apps that will enhance your experience. It’s simple things like offline maps to save you time and money when it comes to data costs – here or abroad – the People Hub and its ability to manage your contacts really is fantastic, and much better than the mess that iPhone or Android offer”

And what about the camera?

“Stunning. That’s probably the best word to use when describing the Lumia 920′s PureView camera, especially when looking at low-light shots – something the Lumia 920 specializes in.”



Wired’s Alexandra Chang likes the design, and talks about the size:

“Nokia has delivered a heavyweight player (pun intended) to take on the other smartphones, Windows Phone or otherwise.”

But the size isn’t a big issue:

“But that’s one of the few drawbacks to the Lumia 920. Otherwise, it’s a stunning device with two killer features: An amazing display and an excellent camera. The 1280×768 pixel PureMotion HD+ display is one of the best I’ve seen.”

All Things Digital

All Things Digital’s Bonnie Cha reports on the AT&T offer on the Nokia Lumia 920 saying:

“The Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive, and serves as Nokia’s flagship model. It features a 4.5-inch HD touchscreen and an 8.7-megapixel camera with advanced features such as an image stabilization system and technology to capture more light.

The smartphone’s battery can also be charged wirelessly, and to sweeten the deal, AT&T is throwing in a wireless charging plate for free, for a limited time.

With such features, I would have expected pricing for the Lumia 920 to start in the $200 range, but at $100 it’s quite the steal.”

So there you have some of the meanderings of the tech world. While we’re at it, here are some Windows Phone 8: Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features via Wired you may not have known about.


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