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Nokia Lumia 920 – Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia Design Team


Marko Ahtisaari, Head of Nokia Design, talks about the design approach behind Nokia’s latest flagship phone.

Because everyone needs a Jony Ive…


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Antikythera Fractals

Flame Fractals inspired by the Antikythera Mechanism:

Antikythera V.1 Antikythera V.2Antikythera V.3

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Quotes: There is a Theory…


“There is a theory which states that people who respond to Pollock are subconsciously drawn to the fractal complexity hidden in his paintings color contrast. But then there is also a theory which states that fractal analysis of a rhino’s droppings discloses an amazing measure of self-similarity of its components. You may draw your own inferences.” ~ Christopher

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Recommended Photography Sites


Here are some of my favorite websites relating to photography. Feel free to add yours in the comments section!

General forums dedicated mostly to the discussions and reviews of digital cameras. The highest readership of any photography site.

Fred Miranda
Enthusiast forums dedicated to the art and science of photography. Includes a good classifieds section and lens reviews.

Digital photography contests and critique

Photography Review
Camera reviews, forums, news, and discussions

The Luminous Landscape
Devoted to the art of landscape, nature, and documentary photography using digital as well as traditional image processing techniques. Includes feature articles, product reviews, travel and technical discussions, portfolios, and a discussion forum.

The Photo Forum
Photography forums dedicated to every aspect of the medium.

Creative Touchpoint’s Photo Marketing Tips
Photo Marketing Tips is a free monthly email newsletter offering photographers and others in the photo industry advice on how to market themselves and their work more effectively. The information is provided in a practical “how-to” format to make the advice easy to implement. Topics covered include creating a marketing plan, advice on how to design a more effective Web site, managing leads and selecting images for portfolios and other marketing material.

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Mandelbrot Gazing Upon a Fractal Sky

From my ever growing collection of fractal art: Mandelbrot Gazing Upon a Fractal Sky

Fractal Art (21)

Generated with Ultra Fractal 5

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Arts: Charles Clary’s Massive Paper Cuts ~ Wired


These works are simply amazing to me. My favorite is shown here: Double Diddle Degradation #3

Artist Charles Clary says he wants his constructions to appear ever-expanding — overwhelming exhibition spaces like replicating viruses or reverberating sound waves. Inspired by microorganisms, anthills, and auditory phenomena, he layers colored paper to build up the variegated textures and sinewy shapes of his room-sized installations. The pieces may look like they’re highly orchestrated precision-cut sculptures, but Clary favors a more organic creative philosophy: “It’s all intuitive. It’s just one layer playing off another, playing off another,” he says. “But I do try to make the viewer wonder whether they’re handmade or if industrial equipment is used, so I have to be very clean with my cuts.”

Double Diddle Degradation #3 (Detail)
acrylic and hand-cut paper on panel
12″ x 12″ x 4″ 2009

Posted by Charles Clary 3 days ago on Society6:

Ok so, I am featured in the February issue of WIRED MAGAZINE which is currently on sale in major bookstores. Check it out if you feel so inclined and thank you for all your continued support. I’ll try and get a good scan of the article to post at a later date but alas I have no scanner. And for all of you that reside in the UK area I will be featured in their March issue with a completely different layout. Hope all is well!!!

More of his amazing work can be found here via Wired and here on Society6.

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