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“There is a theory which states that people who respond to Pollock are subconsciously drawn to the fractal complexity hidden in his paintings color contrast. But then there is also a theory which states that fractal analysis of a rhino’s droppings discloses an amazing measure of self-similarity of its components. You may draw your own inferences.” ~ Christopher

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I’m Just Sayin’ – October 19th 2008

  • Do you know what an emergency is?” asked Rosita as the children nodded their heads. “Then you know that an emergency is when something happens that you didn’t expect.”…Great advice in what can only be termed an odd collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security…and Sesame Street. > 
  • Honda officials apologized to all who complained, including some who lived as far as a half mile from Civic Musical Road and still heard it…but still, Gioachino Rossini would probably be thrilled that his tune was carved into the highway. I mean, who would of ever thought that THAT would be annoying?!?! >
  • The reality is that the New Atheist campaign, by discouraging religion, won’t create a new group of intelligent, skeptical, enlightened beings. Far from it: It might actually encourage new levels of mass superstition. And that’s not a conclusion to take on faith — it’s what the empirical data tell usNeither side looks comes out squeaky clean in this article, but some of the extremist behavior on both sides is downright shameful. >
  • The agency also warned consumers not to eat White Rabbit Creamy Candy after New Zealand authorities reported melamine contamination at high levels.” The maker has recalled its exports of the candies to more than 50 countries and stopped domestic sales in China…melamine is rapidly becoming the PCB issue of the modern era, China is taking body blow after body blow, but I don’t think anyone really cares, as long as it’s cheap what could possibly go wrong? > 
  • One mystery — among many — of the McCain campaign is why it has allowed Mr. Obama’s 95% illusion to go unanswered…so what’s the political catch? All but the clean car credit would be “refundable,” which is Washington-speak for the fact that you can receive these checks even if you have no income-tax liability. They are an income transfera federal check — from taxpayers to non-taxpayersMr. Obama’s genius is to call it a tax cut. Simply genius! >
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I’m Just Sayin’ – September 5th, 2008

  • We carefully examined the writing style and grammar of three recent e-mails claimed to have been sent by Jobs with three samples of his confirmed writing…and guess what they found? Guess! So is there anyone who’s really surprised that Jobs isn’t the author? Really? >>
  • “The actual settlement document shows that instead of cutting off heavy users of the service according to a specific amount of bandwidth used, Comcast instead cut off the top 1,000 users, regardless of how much they used,” Brodsky said….Yet one more reason Comcast needs congressional oversight>>
  • The new technique makes use of a physical change that occurs to metal when a person touches it. This is due to the salt in human sweat: ionic salt molecules present in the fingerprint residue corrode the metal surface to produce an image that can only be removed by abrasive cleaning of the metal…so go ahead and just say it, I know your thinking it! A JFK bullet examination perhaps? >>
  • Sen. John McCain gave his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential nominee Thursday night…and here is a look at the Utopian promises of what McCain said he would do, if elected…and he remembers>>
  • Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama called his acceptance speech on Thursday “the American Promise.”…and here is a look at his Utopian promises for change that he said, “We need right now.”…”right now” meaning before the election, of course, because after the election, he’ll be a little too busy to follow through…you know the drill>>

10. McCain Campaign to Go Heart-less? (WSJ)

9. Heart to Palin: Cut it Out (Seattle PI)

8. Rock group Heart says ‘Barracuda’ use is fishy (Reuters India)

7. Republicans Take Heart; HeartTakes It Back (E! Online)

6. Republicans Lack Heart! (TMZ)

5. Heart Break (

4. Nancy And Ann Wilson Don’t Have The Republicans At Heart (eFlux Media)

3. Heart Wants to Be Ripped Out of Republicans’ Campaign (eFlux Media)

2. Will McCain’s Heart Stop? (Slate)

1. HEART ATTACK MCCAIN! (National Enquirer)

  • Doesn’t this seem to happen every time we have an election anymore? Has anyone under these “leaders” considered getting permission before using an artist’s work publicly? Isn’t this all just a little embarrassing >>

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I’m Just Sayin’ – August 31st, 2008

  • A small rebellion is brewing against iTunes as [greedy] artists become disgruntled with the hit they’re taking on overall album sales thanks to the now-wildly-popular [OMG!] method of cherry-picking favorite tracks [imagine that?] for download. Apparently some artists feel [even Kid Rock] what’s missing is the artistic vision [money] realized only in the full-album experience…So if I could get some help here I’m gonna mount myself a posse and go looking for Kid Rock’s artistic vision…cause I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it…and to be perfectly honest, I don’t believe he really has one. >>
  • And here we go…This week Comcast, the cable and broadband giant removed the shroud of mystery covering its bandwidth limits: starting October 1, all users will be capped at 250GB of traffic per monthWonderful! Fabulous! Brilliant! Oh, bother…well, at least 250GB is somewhat reasonable>>
  • Busch was unrepentant, “We’ll go on and we’ll race him that way in the Chase if that’s the way he wants to race.” Edwards wasn’t backing down, either: “A real smart racer explained it to me this way after he wrecked me and I was real mad. He said, ‘I just had to look at your rear bumper and decide if you would do this to me, and you had, and so it was a real simple decision,'” Edwards said. “I’d do it again.”…and in a shocking moment of rare logic and clarity, NASCAR has suspended these two juvenile..Er…racers. >>
  • The pain from a stone fish’s sting is said to be so horrible that sufferers have begged…But that’s all the venom enhydrina needs to, well…By the way, it’s not a good way to go, either: their venom is a extremely powerful…They are the only animal in the world known to be able to kill a human by touch alonein seconds the agony of where the stinger struck has faded into a heavy numbness. A relief, perhaps, but then it spreads and moments later the paralysis…Other than those little caveats, for the most part, they are all quite cute! >>
  • Somehow I missed this election: Americans Elect Poodle As Obama’s Top Dog…No no, you read that right…You see, it seems the American Kennel Club® (AKC) announced that the public has elected a Poodle as their breed of choice for the Obama family…and this helps ANYONE in ANYWAY how? More interesting might  be what dogs the public would elect for Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark or President Tarja Halonen of Finland  >>
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I’m Just Sayin’ – August 24th, 2008

  • “I think that in their country, they are like prisoners and they want to feel free,” said Niki Pirovolaki, who works in a bakery on Malia’s main street and often encounters these addled Euro citizens heading back to their hotels — “if they can remember where they are staying,” she said…“They scream, they sing, they fall down, they take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit.” – Could this glowing endorsement be yet again of the beloved French tourists we all love…Ahem…and adore? >>
  • In February, the Florida Department of Education modified its standards to explicitly require, for the first time, the state’s public schools to teach evolution, calling it “the organizing principle of life science.”…Yes, you read that right…that’s February of THIS year, 2008…absolutely disheartening. >>
  • Among them was his description of Senator Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat, as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”…Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Biden is not a just a pompous, overbearing windbag…he’s a pompous, overbearing windbag who’s now the Vice Presidential running mate with Barack Obama. There will be more “Bidenisms”…You can bet on it! >>
  • Yet the question of what is natural is no less vexed than that of what is fair. What is natural about electric muscle stimulation? Or nibbling on nutrients that have been cooked up by chemists? Or sprinting in special shoes made of springy carbon fibre?Statistically speaking, today’s athletes are unlikely to be any more naturally gifted than their forebears, but records continue to fall. Nature is clearly getting a boost from somewhere. >>
  • These reforms would cost money, of course, but Mr. Balko and Dr. Koppl say they’re inexpensive compared with what governments end up spending in cases of wrongful convictions: the expenses of incarceration, of retrials and appeals, and of compensations to victims…how about the “expense” of a human life, whether taken by force, in the case of the death penalty, or by proxy as life imprisonment? Expense should not be a mitigating factor in determining the certitude of a conviction…cripes! >>
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I’m Just Sayin’ – August 15th, 2008

  • Kid Cuisine All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, Kudos Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, Betty Crocker Fruit By The Foot, Campbell Soup Cars Souper Shapes Condensed Soup, Kraft Scooby-Doo! Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Oscar Mayer Lunchables Mini Tacos, Sunny Delight, Earth’s Best Organic Mini Waffles…Now I have to admit, when I first saw the headline I was a little worried, but then after reading the list I relaxed and asked myself “Who buys this crap” anyway? Besides, are there any foods that are truly “good” for you anyway? >>
  • Yes, You Can!…Now if they could just come up with a solution for the old headache scenario. >>
  • I don’t know if this is a new thing or not–I’m thinking not…”Oddly, Brown overlooked another fundament of Britishness…(AFM)” >>
  • Phelps’ touches the wall in 50.58 seconds, Cavic at 50.59…Number 7 down, with hopes for one more to go. Incredible! >>
  • Guess what? No really, guess what? Your not trying hard enough, ahh…D’Zmura said “This will never be used in a way without somebody’s real, active cooperation,” Okey-dokey then, let’s mark the date and time those words were spoken! >>
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I’m Just Sayin’ – August 10, 2008

  • An eight became a perfect 10 in Beijing tonight“, the website of the Sydney Morning Herald declared…”The world may never witness a ceremony of the magnitude and ingenuity as that which opens the 2008 Olympics,” it said…and I agree. It was, in a word, spectacular! >>
  • Republicans saying they don’t believe in evolution outnumbered those who do by 68 percent to 30 percent in the survey. Democrats believe in evolution by 57 percent to 40 percent, as do independents by a 61 percent to 37 percent margin…68, 40, 37, and they are trying to run this country!?! How is this acceptable? >>
  • I had sex with that woman but she meant nothing to me.”…OUCH! That’s going to leave a mark, but the question that keeps popping into my mind: Mr. Edwards, are you talking about your wife (that woman) or Rielle Hunter (that woman) in that quote?  Because, quite honestly, it could be taken either way. >>
  • As the ad begins, the words “It should be known, that in 2008 the world shall be blessed. They will call him The One” flash across the screen. The Antichrist of the Left Behind books is a charismatic young political leader named Nicolae Carpathia who founds the One World religion (slogan: “We Are God”) and promises to heal the world after a time of deep division…Now this won’t offend anyone, will it!?!?! It’s crap like this that just makes me shake my head at the disingenuous nature of today’s politicians. >>
  • Yahoo has announced that they will begin giving their users the ability to opt-out of customized advertising on The feature will be added to Yahoo privacy center by the end of August…I am continually floored that these guys just don’t get it! If you set the default to opt-in, game over! No congressional worry, no consumer revolt, no EFF scrutiny…er…well OK, so the EFF will always be looking over “the man’s” shoulder I suppose…but that’s a good thing, right? >>
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