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Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Announced

Via: Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Official Photo Album

Nokia Lumia 920 Options include:

  • Display : 4.5 inch Nokia PureMotion HD+ WXGA IPS LCD, Super Sensitive touch, Nokia ClearBlack with high brightness mode and Sunlight Readability Enhancements
  • Battery: 2000mAh with integrated Qi wireless charging
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4
  • Main Camera:8.7MP with Nokia PureView advanced optical imaging stabilization and Carl Zeiss optics
  • Full 1080p HD video capture at 30fps
  • Front facing camera: 1.2MP with 720p HD video
  • Memory: 1GB RAM, 32GB mass memory with 7GB free SkyDrive storage


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New Official Wallpapers for Windows Phone via Levi Freeman

Via Levi Freeman

This is the short account of the story behind how my photographs ended up on Windows Phone. It explains the beginnings, meetings and the joy of shooting with my camera knowing full well that millions of people will perhaps set them as their own lock screen wallpaper. As well as the wallpapers themselves.

I am a Graphic Designer, learning everyday, experimenting all the time. I studied at the University of the Arts London at the London College of Communication. I always loved taking pictures, it was something about the beauty of the still image and the detail that you miss when always on the move. We were encouraged at LCC to quite frequently take photographs of patterns, typography or use of colour out in the wild; that we should print and cut them out to stick them in a notebook or some sort. I took pictures of much more than that. I remember being teased by my good friend and fellow Graphic Designer Ali Freeman (no relation but she cracks the brother from another mother joke when ever we meet) that I always took macro close up shots. Those type of shots intrigued me, like looking up at the skies at night and marvelling the stars but instead looking down at what’s around you. I would be fascinated by the detail of pencil nibs, sand grains on a beach and the petals of a flower – they certainly made for good photographs.

I decided to use a one of my images on my phone as a lock screen wallpaper. My girlfriend took a liking to it and she asked to have it on her phone. She now has a rose as her lock screen wallpaper…till this day! I thought to myself “if she likes it, others may too.” So I selected some existing photos, tested them on my phone and then released them on my blog. The post is still there as well as the images…and that rose.

It transpired that not only did user’s like them, Microsoft themselves liked them so much they contacted me. The fanboy inside me almost got a heart attack, I was in disbelief. I was contacted via email by Albert Shum, the Windows Phone Design Studio General Manager at Microsoft who explained that he “really enjoy” my work, “especially the recent wallpapers” that I made for people with Windows Phones.

Conversations between me and the Windows Phone Design team developed; I was in contact frequently with Nancy Xu, the Windows Phone Design Program Manager. Through a conference call and many emails and attachments over the course of a year, my collaboration resulted in a series of lock screen wallpapers. The result of which is right here for you to download.

Use your phone (search > tap the eye for Bing Vision > point and tap the link that appears, then save to phone phone and set as wallpaper) to scan the tags or click the images below to directly download.



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Recommended Photography Sites


Here are some of my favorite websites relating to photography. Feel free to add yours in the comments section!

General forums dedicated mostly to the discussions and reviews of digital cameras. The highest readership of any photography site.

Fred Miranda
Enthusiast forums dedicated to the art and science of photography. Includes a good classifieds section and lens reviews.

Digital photography contests and critique

Photography Review
Camera reviews, forums, news, and discussions

The Luminous Landscape
Devoted to the art of landscape, nature, and documentary photography using digital as well as traditional image processing techniques. Includes feature articles, product reviews, travel and technical discussions, portfolios, and a discussion forum.

The Photo Forum
Photography forums dedicated to every aspect of the medium.

Creative Touchpoint’s Photo Marketing Tips
Photo Marketing Tips is a free monthly email newsletter offering photographers and others in the photo industry advice on how to market themselves and their work more effectively. The information is provided in a practical “how-to” format to make the advice easy to implement. Topics covered include creating a marketing plan, advice on how to design a more effective Web site, managing leads and selecting images for portfolios and other marketing material.

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Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic 2007 ~ Zenfolio

This was my second trip up to Windsor, CA to see the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic 2007. The day, as can happen up in that part of CA, was a bitter disappointment as the persistent fog conspired to keep the balloons grounded for the day.

Since the main event had been canceled, my brother-law, nephew and I decided to take the long way home and make a quick jaunt through the Sonoma back yard vineyards and roads. It still turned out to be a fun – albeit not as colorful – day.

Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic 2007

To get the full experience you must get there early enough to watch the Dawn Patrol. These early risers begin their weekend mornings before daylight to launch at 5 a.m. (which means I had to be on the road to Windsor about an hour and a half earlier!) The dedicated balloon pilots use heat to fill their balloons during the dark, sometimes foggy morning hours, which makes for a breathtaking sight. For those who consider 5 a.m. too early and have not yet risen, many more balloons lift off during the Main Launch at 6:30 a.m. While the balloons float overhead, the launch park hosts food, music, and crafts vendors who turn out to serve spectators and enjoy the festivities, which run until 11 am.

The Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic (SCHABC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building awareness in and promoting the sport of hot air ballooning, in addition to helping raise money for local charitable organizations. SCHABC is made up of many dedicated volunteers from all walks of life. Dedicated balloon pilots usually own their own balloons and donate their money, time, crew, and fuel to attend and help promote hot air ballooning during the Classic.

To view more pictures from this gallery click here.

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Fun with Oil & Water

Oil  & Water I discovered a beautiful photograph a short time ago that was submitted to the February 2009 PPSOP Photo Contest taken by the second place winner Angie Wright. Her simple yet striking image of “oil and water” had me shaking my head with disbelief and of course I had to try and find the answer to the question of: “How did she do it?

I found the answer to my question as described by Bryan F. Peterson/Founder of The Perfect Picture School of Photography:

Having “been there and done that” myself some years ago, I went out onto my back deck – just yesterday, in fact – and shot a few images of “oil and water” and as you will quickly see, it is an easy thing to shoot. The ‘trick’, as I am sure Angie will agree, is deciding what kind of colored background you wish to use AND to be patient! Hunching over this set-up with your camera and lens on tripod, waiting for the right arrangement of oil and water to form will test your patience, but it’s truly worth it! This is NOT a difficult set up. I have used a glass bread pan, placed atop two large drinking glasses. For my background, I have placed one of my ‘wild and crazy colorful shirts’ underneath the bread pan. I filled the pan about 2/3rds full with water and than simply poured a number of small drops of cooking oil into the pan. I shot the two close-up images you see with my Nikkor 200mm Macro. You don’t need a macro lens to do this shot but you will need a set of extension tubes . When placed between a lens that offers up 60-100mm focal length, you too will soon be enjoying some “unbelievable” images like you see here! And if it’s not clear by now, let me end by saying, THIS TECHNIQUE IS NOT DONE IN PHOTOSHOP!

And so I made a few of my own modifications to the technique to come up with these “other worldly” images…

Please visit my Zenfolio Photography Site here to see more.

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One Of My Happiest Places On Earth: Carmel, California

Posted today: Carmel 2005 on Zenfolio.

Carmel, California

Carmel, California

The vision of Carmel-by-the-Sea began in early 1903 as “a seaside town on Carmel Beach in the pine forest alongside Carmel Mission.” Roads were built to curve around the trees to ensure the natural beauty. California teachers and professors from Stanford and UC Berkley were attracted to Carmel as well as artists, poets, musicians, and actors. Today Carmel is as inspiring and beautiful as it was more than a century ago.

Find out more here.


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Fun With Macro And Lightroom

Posted today: Macro II on Zenfolio.


Same images (mostly) as the previous Macro set, but reprocessed with Lightroom 2.0 and cropped differently.

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