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Nokia Lumia 900: Is This The Smartphone You Have Been Waiting For?

April 28th, 2012

On Sunday April 8, 2012 the Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T hit the stores running. Well, sort of. Sunday April 8th happened to be Easter of course, and most AT&T stores were closed. Nice. But for those [like myself] who preordered the phone, the fun began on Monday the 9th when the phones arrived, fizzled fanfare notwithstanding.

Is this the smartphone you have been waiting for? It’s certainly the smartphone I have been waiting for. But I have to preface that with a few things:

  1. That I am a [formerly] frustrated HTC Aria Android user. Without question there is much to love about the Android experience [tons of apps, a customizable OS and GUI (i.e. HTC Sense, Samsung Touch Wiz, etc.) and a wide choice of phones] as well hate [buggy apps and a lack of cohesion in the overall experience and implementation, OS updates that are carrier-bound with no upgrade path, preinstalled bloatware that cannot be removed, sluggish UI experiences, etc.] and the latter gripes fall in line with my two year [tortuous] stint with the HTC Aria Android phone in its current and never-to-be-updated version of Android [ANDROID 2.2 ROM UPDATE | 02.25.2011] All in all, a phone experience more painful than I feel it ever should have been.
  2. That I am a mostly happy [long term] user of the Zune HD with its beautiful Metro interface from the second day of its availability through today. This, even though Microsoft announced late last year [2011] that after 5 years it was abandoning the Zune hardware. So this has given me about 5 years with the Metro interface and I have become quite used to the navigation and use of it. This also means that use of the Zune PC client software is familiar as well.

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I’m Just Sayin’ – September 20, 2008

  • While representatives from the cell phone industry had not yet reviewed the latest study, they were careful not to give this study much merit. “The weight of the published scientific evidence, in addition to the opinion of global health organizations, shows that there is no link between wireless usage and adverse health effects,” said Joe Farren, a spokesman for the CTIA-the Wireless Association…still, after reading this you may just relocate that cell phone of yours to your shoes….or behind your shoulders…or maybe even leave it at home!  >>
  • Sticking to the loose topic of “whacking” things: “Shake-to-shuffle is a nightmare during parkour outings; switching off the much-needed French Hip Hop in favor of our knitting podcasts whenever jostled.”…so fret not, as you wander down your local street. Those people violently striking out at invisible demons are really just iPod-Nano lovers, shuffling their song lists. What a great way to humiliate your customers. >>
  • Since we’re here, lets continue the theme of jerking around: In a statement, Frank Gibeau, EA game label president, said the company was “disappointed” by the misunderstanding around its digital rights management software and that it would expand the installation limit from three machines to five. He added that EA is also expediting the development of a system that will allow customers to “deauthorize” computers and move the game to new machines, without the need to call the company…Ah, so it’s just a “misunderstanding” then, treating customers who purchase your software legally like criminals. Yet another great way to…oh, you know.  >>
  • If you build a browser in isolation, you don’t get the benefits and knowledge of the smart people who have come before you. Yes, Google’s browser is open source, like Firefox. But even Firefox came from Netscape, which had tons of background in the browser world, and Mozilla, too, has learned from a mistake or two. It is easy to call into question Google’s ability to build a safe browser given its rather poor track record in other areas of security…and no, you shouldn’t download it — not if you care about your security. Hell, I couldn’t even get it to uninstall from my system so I could install the latest “updated” version! Google should take a page from the cryptography crowd; you shouldn’t build a browser unless you really, really know what you’re doing. >>
  • David Pogue’s review of the new iPods and the new Zune. It’s almost like listening to early Zune pitches about focusing on a music device, not a mixed-use gadget. His conclusion: “In the music world, Apple and Microsoft have now completely switched roles. You buy Apple if you want to play it safe — and you buy Microsoft if you think different.”…until Apple moves iTunes to a subscription model, Microsoft will continue to gain market share. Mark my words>>
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The CPU Of The Future? Alleged Intel i7-Mega Image Leaked


Intel i7_Mega

Intel i7_Mega

Companies tend to keep a fairly tight lid on their newest product lines, and Intel is no exception; updates tend to either be carefully controlled or “accidentally” leaked. Leaked information, official or not, always runs the risk of being wrong, but there’s a new image of the Intel i7-Mega making the rounds that certainly could be right, based on what we think we know about the CPU manufacturer’s plans. Keep in mind, however, that all updates are subject to legitimate change.

The new “i7-Mega” brand doesn’t seem to have a direct relationship to any previous part of Intel’s product line; Netburst, not Nehalem, was Intel’s seventh-generation architecture. Intel makes specific reference to i7-Mega products as quad-core parts with HyperThreading enabled, so it’s possible that we’ll see “i5” or “i3” parts early next year. What’s most interesting about the leaked photo of this chip though, is its enormous size.

Shown below, the chip appears to be about the same size as current 17 inch laptops. “We wanted to go in a completely different direction with this CPU,” stated an anonymous source not related to the company, “With this new CPU size you will get stunning realism on immersive multi-threaded games with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), particle systems, dynamic physics, and texture generation engines with four cores of pure performance….and all in a really, REALLY big chip. And you can get it done fast!”

The chip size alone has left some enthusiasts wondering if there won’t be problems. “There are problems,” he admits, “SERIOUS problems, specifically in the area of heat generation and power supply requirements. I mean, this is one freaky huge chip! We are looking at a requirement for a minimum spec 1.3 KW power supply, 1.1 KW of which is devoted to the CPU alone, and that means serious heat…and serious weight.”

Intel based its decision to retain the “Core” product line based on a mixture of brand recognition and positive association. “The Core name is and will be our flagship PC processor brand going forward,” said Sean Maloney, Intel Corporation executive vice president and general manager, Sales and Marketing Group. “Expect Intel to focus even more marketing resources around that name and the Core i7-Mega products starting now.”



Intel i7_Mega Spy Photo

Intel i7_Mega Spy Photo


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Designer Fabian Seibert Thinks Your Bandages Are Too Dull

Does the idea of Swarovski Crystal encrusted cell phones or Swarovski Crystal iPhones cause you to yawn aloof with the world-weariness of the Olson twins staring blandly at a plate of California Golden Osetra Caviar?

Well fret not, because now you can turn heads with these garish bejeweled bandages … oh, and if you aren’t really injured they can be worn as an accessory anyway!

Designer Fabian Seibert has kept your needs in mind and unveiled these bandages ornately decorated with Swarovski stones.

Also bearing in mind the fact that women want everything in a variety of colors, the designer has offered them in wide-ranging hues.

The bandages come in five crystal colors (blood red, rose, light rose, ice white, turquoise) on white or skin-colored bandages and sell for $12.70 for a three pack and $34.50 for a pack of 10.


Swarovski Bandage

Swarovski Bandage

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Message In A Bottle…You Know?

Message as follows:








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CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Sorry For The Shouting, But…

MP3 Players: How Loud Is Too Loud? Are some headphones better than others? What is a “safe” listening level, and for how long?

Loud, sustained sound can damage tiny hairs in the cochlea, and yet 80 percent of people listen to personal music devices at dangerous levels above background noise, a study by acousticians shows. Certain models of earphones are safer for the ear, the study also concluded.

Can you hear me now? Not if you’ve pumped up the volume on your MP3 player. In noisy places, everyone is turning up the tunes, and they could be drowning out their own hearing. A new study tells how loud is too loud.

Certain Headphones Are Better Than Others

Certain Headphones Are Better Than Others

Audiologists Brian Fligor, Sc.D., and Terri Ives have identified safe volume levels for you to use in noisy places. Dr. Fligor, an audiologist and Director of Diagnostic Audiology at Children’s Hospital Boston says, “Your typical listener is not at risk if they are listening in a quiet situation, but if they are in a noisier situation, such as commuting, they very easily are going to be at risk.” Their study concludes that 80 percent of people listen at dangerous levels when background noise comes into play.

The study concludes the average person listens to music at the same noise level as we hear a gas lawnmower. So what can you do? Dr. Fligor says, “Something that people can do is set their music to a comfortable level when they are in a quiet situation.” Dr. Fligor recommends leaving it at that safe level, 75 decibels or below, and investing in earphones that block out background noise.

Turning down the music will ensure you will be able to hear music in the future.

RECOMMENDED LEVELS: The more often and the louder you player your player, the more likely you’ll experience some hearing loss. To come up with recommended listening times and sound levels, the researchers compared the players’ volume levels to the minimum sound level for the risk of hearing damage: 85 dBA. Typically, a person can tolerate about two hours of 91 dBA per day before risking hearing loss. The researchers recommend listening to iPods for — hours a day with earphones if the volume is at 80% of maximum levels. Listening at full volume is not recommended for more than 5 minutes per day using the earphones that come with the player.

Safe Listening Levels, Time, By Headphone Type

Safe Listening Levels, Time, By Headphone Type

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Ferrari California: Enough Said!

Ferrari California 2009

I could tease you with some drool inducing pictures, but instead I will only suggest that you visit, and if you are anything like me, your day will be made.

Note: In particular mouse over “See” and click on “Hear”…sigh! Watch the videos…hey it’s the closest I will ever get to one!

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