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An update on Windows Phone 7.8 Via Windows Phone Blog Team

Allow me to summarize what you will read via the Microsoft Windows Phone Team blog:

  1. As we said some six months ago, Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming. The features we are “announcing” right now are all of the features you already know about.
  2. We are still not giving you a solid release date, other than “early 2013.”
  3. The “hugely popular” games Words with Friends [two star rating] and Draw Something [three star rating], games [that lost their popularity a while back when EVERYONE was playing them…except Windows Phone 7.5 users due to a lack of availability] are “already available,” while Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars are [still] on the way.

So there you go. It is stunning how slow and clueless Microsoft is at generating hype. This only to end in a sad and lethargic fizzle. Slow golf clap…

P.S. Thank you for your support of Windows Phone.


Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone

P.P.S. I do love my Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920.



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Nook Color Update [FroYo] Coming Soon?

Via nook Facebook page:

nook-color-2You asked, we listened. This spring, use your NOOK Color to send e-mail and explore popular apps like Angry Birds, Drawing Pad, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks, and Wine PhD. Stay tuned here for news about these exciting new features and when the firmware update will be ready. (P.S. Yes! We said Angry Birds!) What apps would you love to see on your NOOK Color?”

Update: Barnes & Noble has now made this completely official itself, and confirmed that the update will include email support among other “exciting new applications.”

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