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An update on Windows Phone 7.8 Via Windows Phone Blog Team

Allow me to summarize what you will read via the Microsoft Windows Phone Team blog:

  1. As we said some six months ago, Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming. The features we are “announcing” right now are all of the features you already know about.
  2. We are still not giving you a solid release date, other than “early 2013.”
  3. The “hugely popular” games Words with Friends [two star rating] and Draw Something [three star rating], games [that lost their popularity a while back when EVERYONE was playing them…except Windows Phone 7.5 users due to a lack of availability] are “already available,” while Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars are [still] on the way.

So there you go. It is stunning how slow and clueless Microsoft is at generating hype. This only to end in a sad and lethargic fizzle. Slow golf clap…

P.S. Thank you for your support of Windows Phone.


Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone

P.P.S. I do love my Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920.



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Nokia Lumia 920 – Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia Design Team


Marko Ahtisaari, Head of Nokia Design, talks about the design approach behind Nokia’s latest flagship phone.

Because everyone needs a Jony Ive…


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Microsoft Wants YOUR Vote on Which Windows Phone 8 Feature to Add to Windows Phone 7.8 [updated]

Let your voice be heard here.



We are truly floored over the excitement about future Windows Phone releases. Unfortunately our earlier response on this post was not well worded. We really do care about your feedback. This forum is intended to seek suggestions on future product features but it is not set up to take requests for specific product versions. We apologize for the confusion.

We would like to reinforce that for sthis forum to work optimally we would need users to create unique suggestions each with a single idea. This particular suggestion item has many varied ideas and because of that we aren’t able to infer what is the most important to this forum. Please reallocate your votes to other suggestions that have a single idea.

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Nokia Drive 3.0–Are We There Yet?

Released on July 21st [initially for Nokia’s Lumia devices], I have had a few opportunities to try out the latest app, Drive 3.0 offering from Nokia.

Over the past two years I have repeatedly used Google’s brilliant built in turn-by-turn navigation powered by the Android based Google Maps app, and was amazed at how well it was executed. Other than occasional GPS signal loss issues, I came to rely on it like a good old friend.

I was hoping for the same “WOW” factor with the Nokia app for Windows Phone 7.5 too. So how does it work? Well, unfortunately in some very critical ways, not well at all…

Nokia Drive 3.0

In two of my three GPS guided trips using the app, Drive 3.0 took me to the wrong address.

In the first instance, I was Courtyardattempting to get to the Courtyard Marriot in San Jose [denoted by the “A” marker in the Google map] and the app directed me past my target location and into the roundabout that rings the airport. Fun.

My second instance was no better when it directed me to “enter the highway” without stating which direction [North or South] to “enter the highway.” Even the listed exit/entrance name on top of the map just stated a rather unhelpful “Hwy 280 Junipero Serra”.

The third guided attempt however was successful.

What I found disconcerting is that the app requires you to constantly peek at your phone to figure out where it is telling you to go, and even then the information displayed is a bit spotty. There are no exit names spoken. Generic spoken terms like “take the exit” and “turn right ahead” are all the spoken part of the app offers. So if you have multiple or closely spaced streets or exits, you can find yourself in a bind to figure out which one to take, necessitating the need to have your eyes fixed on the phone rather than on the road where they should be.

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Nokia Drive 3.0 Now Available

One of my most used apps for the Nokia Lumia 900 is the Nokia Drive app, which brings free [in addition to the built in Bing [tap for] turn-by-turn GPS navigation enabled in the Mango update] turn-by-turn voice guided navigation experience to the phone in an easy to use and intuitive interface.

Nokia recently mentioned that Nokia Drive will be offered to all Windows Phone 8 partners for built-in GPS and mapping software and I am happy that this update to Nokia Drive brings some of the Windows Phone 8 features to their existing [albeit somewhat paltry in numbers] users.

Make your commute smoother

Nokia Drive 3.0 Commute Feature


As shown in the video above, Nokia Drive with My Commute learns your driving preferences and uses information about the latest traffic conditions to help you choose between the different routes you usually take to get to the places you travel most. It even remembers when you usually leave, providing traffic updates along your route so you’ll know in advance whether there are delays or if you have time to stop by that new café on your way home.

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Windows Phone 7.8 Update News Via Microsoft Windows Phone Site

Microsoft has created a “Windows Phone 7.5 news” page, one can only assume to counter the growing wishful speculation of what Windows Phone 7.8 will HOPEFULLY have, with a listing of features that will ACTUALLY be coming to Windows Phone 7.8, along with a brief video showing the new start screen. No date for the update is listed.


Meet the new Start

With more great apps and a fabulous new Start screen on the way, Windows Phone 7.5 just keeps getting better.

wp78_aquastartscrnA bigger, more flexible Start screen

Dress it up in new colors and choose from three sizes of Live Tiles, easily resized and rearranged with a tap.


wp78_aquashoppingbag100,000 apps and counting

Audible just joined the party. PayPal, Draw Something, Words with Friends, and plenty more are on the way.


howtohome-site-nokia-logo-blueMore love for Lumias

Nokia is providing Lumia owners awesome new features including camera enhancements and a new way to share contacts and track data usage.


Hands on with the new Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen.

Poll results – Majority of Windows Phone users happy with proposed 7.8 update via WPCentral


Certainly we can say the results are mixed but a majority of you (54%) are okay with Microsoft choosing this path for current Windows Phone users. The clear "no" category had 19.61%  thinking Microsoft could and should do more while another 20% were on the fence, perhaps waiting to see how it actually looks and feel. A tiny percentage (6%) claimed they are finished with Microsoft and are leaving the platform.

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The Seedy Side of Nokia?

Nokia and Microsoft have finally publically addressed consumers questions as to whether current generation phones [such as the “premier” Nokia Lumia 900 released some two months ago to great fanfare] will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8 or not. While Microsoft has been publicly silent about this [presumably to preserve current device sales] Nokia has more than a few times teased that the device will continue to receive updates going forward. While technically true, it is however not an emphatic and clear, “no they will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.”

Nonetheless, Nokia apparently does feel that they are doing “more than enough” for their customers. All current 7 and 7.5 Windows Phones will be getting what amounts to a cosmetic upgrade called Windows Phone 7.8 in the distant and as yet undetermined future.

Source: Winsupersite

  1. Start screen. The Windows Phone 7.8 Starts screen will be changed to look like that of Windows Phone 8. It will fill the entry screen with tiles, and not leave a strange “white space” gutter on the right side, as does Windows Phone 7.x. (This was apparently the source of some great number of user complaints, the theme being that Windows Phone doesn’t completely take advantage of its onscreen real estate. Commoners.)
  2. Tile customization. Windows Phone 7.8 will now support three tile sizes, just like Windows Phone 8, and not two like the current version. And apps can be written to support any of the three sizes, giving the user the ability to choose between them (as is done with Windows 8’s live tiles). In addition to the current Small (square) and Large (rectangular) sizes, Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 will also support a new Smaller size, which is a fingertip-sized square that is one-fourth the size of a small Tile. Mix and match as you please.
  3. Windows Update. Windows Phone 7.8 will be delivered directly to all Windows Phone users, bypassing the carriers. You will be able to download and install Windows Phone 7.8 over Wi-Fi, at home or wherever else, and install this update. This type of updating will be made available in Windows Phone 8, as well, as given my long, loud, and lengthy complaining about the lack of such updating in Windows Phone 7.x, you won’t be surprised, maybe, to discover that Microsoft jokingly calls this “the Paul Thurrott feature” internally.

The Verge sat with Nokia’s Kevin Shields to find out if the company is doing enough for its existing Lumia users.

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